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Where the food is Hot and the music is Cool

About us

Bistro Don Julio toen

For those who have visited or lived in Surinam for quit some years, already know about the existence of Bistro Don Julio but what only a few people know is that the origin of Don Julio does not lie in Surinam but funny enough it all started in Amsterdam on the Rapenburglaan.

Back then the founder and owner of Don Julio, Jules Oosterlen, already shared a great compassion for entertaining guests and his love for Latin music and dance.
And although he experienced very few knowledge of the restaurant business at that time, he always managed to keep up appearances with led to some great anecdotes!

In his own way he soon earned e great loyalty with his customers and Don Julio became a successful place to be.

Bistro Don Julio nu

And now, for almost 9 years already, Don Julio is still alive and kicking and known for a great night out!

Situated at the Tokailaan 6 in North Paramaribo, you will find this cosy bar-restaurant.

Don Julio, still is the place to be, where the Food is hot and the music Cool.