Spicy massala duckSRD49,50
Spicy Surinamese Duck, or as we say around here "doks!"
Carpaccio with truffle oil & parmezan cheeseSRD68
Thin sliced raw beef with truffle oil and parmezan cheese, a 'classic'


Vega Surinamese "Aardvruchten Soep" SRD40
Pepre Watra "A soup from the Amerindians"SRD47,50
A traditional soup from the Amerindian
Creamy Broccoli soup truffle oil 'a real treat' SRD45,00


Grilled Vegetables & Fetacheese salad Small SRD55,00
Grilled Vegetables & Fetacheese salad Large SRD80,00
Salad with grilled vegetables and feta cheese with a delicious home-made dressing
Salad Smoked Bang Bang Small SRD55,00
Salad Smoked Bang Bang Large SRD80,00
Also known as the Surinamese Smoked Salmon
Quinoa Salad with Grilled Fish & Antiboise Small SRD55,00
Quinoa Salad with Grilled Fish & Antiboise Large SRD80,00
Light and Refereshing


Pasta fowru (Surinamese chicken) SRD70,00
Crispy grilled chicken fillet in a beautiful creamy sause in combination with fresh pasta.
Pasta Seafood SRD110,00
A beautiful combination of seafood and real Italian pasta, guaranteed success.
Handmade Ravioli SRD85,00
Filled with feta and spinach in tomato sause


Meat Lovers Paradise: *

The T-Bone SRD200,00
The manly dish. (or is it, ladies?) (400gr.)
Ribeye SRD255,00
And it's a big one! (400gr.))
Tournedos SRD170,00

** We only use Angus Certified Beef


Lamb Chops SRD200,00
with a borgoe tamarinde sauce
Lobster tail SRD375,00
A delicacy, beautiful rich in flavour
Surf and Turf SRD475,00
The best of both worlds, a lovely slice of Tournedos (100gr.) alongside a whole lobster tail. With a touch of safari sauce.
Mixed Platter SRD225,00
A wonderful tasting of delicious meat and fish

Surinamese Specials

Bush meat SRD130,00
Surinamese delicacy, ask our staff which bushmeat from the jungle the chef has for you
Sranan fish & chips SRD90,00
Delicious fresh fish fillet in that classic crispy layer with an extra bite, combined with Casave fries

All main courses are served with vegetables and a side dish.
With pepper sauce, red wine sauce, mushroom sauce or pickle sauce.



Catch of the day SRD100,00
Our staff will gladly tell what today's is.
Tiger prawnsSRD175,00
Big Gambas with a tartar sauce or a spicy tomato sauce
Salmon Fillet SRD130,00
Imported Norwegian salmon, rich and tender

All main courses are served with vegetables and a side dish.
With white wine sauce or oyster sauce with cashew.

And fish must swim, so ask staff for our excellent wines to complete your meal.



Ice cream selection per scoup SRD12,50
Wallnut, Vanilla, Mocca, Rum-Raisin
Chocolate mousse SRD45,00
Homemade, rich and yes you deserve it.
Boerenjongens SRD55,00
Vanilla ice cream with "egg liqueur"
(spiked-egg cream) and rum-marinated raisins.
Tiramisu SRD55,00
An Italian classic, to lift you up.
Creme brulee SRD60,00
Crunchy and creamy, what more could you wish for